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Welcome to My MoveArt and AIRWARENESS Magic Tools for self care and relaxing moments!

AIRWARENESS Magic Tools supports you to learn new ways to take care of you, improve your health and well-being.

You haven`t got much time? That doesn`t matter!

You can choose between different topics like “Relaxing” or “Getting energy”, “Changing mood”, “Sitting in a comfortable upright position”, “Shining, relaxed eyes”, “Sleeping better”, “Elated walking”, “Breathe freely”, “Stability and mobility”) and how much time you have got right now to invest in your self care.

Experience some exercises from AIRWARENESS Magic Tools now:

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More information about AIRWARENESS

AIRWARENESS Magic Tools contains inputs and many exercises from different approaches like the Feldenkrais Method, Qigong and other body-mind-based methods as well as a scientific psychological background. It is an individual, holistic approach.

Why is it called AIRWARENESS? It is important to get to know what is the right way for YOU. AIRWARENESS improves your awareness to choose your personal direction for self care. Then you will notice that you are breathing easily. AIR-WARENESS is a daily reminder for this two aspects.

And why “Magic Tools”? Sometimes changes can be immetiately and feel like something “magic” is happening than our mind can´t explain – as many clients have described their experiences with some AIRWARENESS Magic Tools. Of course there are scientific concepts behind – but who cares if the effect is magical?